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Inspiring words keep me going

I was hoping to have my book written by June of 2016. Well, 2017 is closing in fast and I am not close to being done. I did send a sneak peak to my editor and her inspiring words keep me going. "It's delightful reading. I love your ornery sense of humor and the fact that you can transfer that onto a page. I was laughing out loud at times..." Elaine We all have dreams and goals and we pursue them at different rates at different times. Most of the time when goals and dreams are not accomplished it's because we loose focus for one reason or another. And not because we lack the talent or ability. Life happens. If only we could keep that initial fire alive that prompted us to do whatever was we

Welcome to my escapades

I am so glad you joined me for a hike. Get ready for funny stories, beautiful pictures, and inspiration. In 2015 I hiked the Appalachian Trail's 2189.2 miles. I loved it and shared it with many readers on my original blog I miss life on the trail and decided to continue hiking as an escape. When my A.T. hike ended, soon after so did my blog. Faithful fans reached out for more. Here it is. My hope for this site is to share my stories, pictures, and lessons learned. As it grows I plan to add glitz, glitter, and bling for purchase. If you'd like to see a presentation of my Appalachian Trail hike you may book through this site or email me. I can do small groups t


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