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You Can Never Be Too Careful

This past weekend I had a shopping excursion with my hubby. We went to Freeport to visit L.L.Bean and the outlet stores. On our way back we stopped in Bangor for a few last minute items before heading home. We had such a wonderful time our debit card bank called to check on us. Their message stated concerns about suspicious activity. It doesn't usually get that much use. On our escapade a couple things happened prompting me to think about safety. The first was kind of funny but only if you have a dark sense of humor. In my case it surfaces once in awhile. It was early Saturday morning when we began our shopping at L.L.Bean's flagship store. After finding all we wanted there we headed across

10 Random Things To Consider When Planning a Long Distance Hike

I received an email today from a soon to be section hiker I met while working at L.L.Bean over Christmas. He was young, excited and full of questions about his 2017 long distance hike. I gave him my contact information so he could reach out later if he wanted. The only thing more exciting then going on an adventure is helping someone else with theirs. After I hopefully and successfully answered all the questions in his email I realized it would make a great blog post. Here are 10 random things to consider when planning a long distance through hike. There is no wrong or right way to hike the A.T. Everyone needs to work out the details for themselves but there are tips and tricks that generall

What Do You Do On A Blizzard Day?

The best thing to do on a snow day is to spend the day inside where it is warm packaging meals  for your upcoming spring hike. Who has time to do the driveway? That's what a good and faithful husband is for. This is Bruce and Barney. I went outside to check the depth, 16" and it's still coming down hard. I tromped to the end of the driveway following the path Barney, our 9 year old lab made as he bound through with unsuccessful leaps. He resembled a swimmer doing the breaststroke. After a few tiring springs without much gain he gave up and plowed his way slowly through the snow pool. I captured pictures of the white out conditions and snow drifts. When I had my fill I retreated back to the s


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