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It Was An Egg-Cellent Kind Of Day

Day 160 Wednesday August 30, 2017 Miles: 1770.9 - 1783.8.   Completed: 12.9 Time: 6:57am - 5:30pm Weather: perfect with clear blue skies Tenting at Ore Hill Campsite It was another fantastic day of hiking in New Hampshire. We sure have been blessed with great weather these last few weeks. We really have nothing to complain about. Our descent down Smarts Mountain was long and steep. Then we went right back up Cube Mountain. The views here in NH are wide and far. It looks like never ending waves on the ocean only it's mountain peaks after mountain peaks. We had trail magic twice today. The first was from Jane. She was waiting to pick up her son and friend who are hiking and decided to hand out

The Trail Went Vertical

Day 159 Tuesday August 29, 2017 Miles: 1756.0 - 1770.9.    Completed: 14.9 Time: 7:20am - 5:20pm Weather: cloudy and cool. Only warm while hiking Tented at Smarts Mt. campsite Batman dropped us off with full packs. It was a nice three day stint of slackpacking and hotel stay. We have come to dread our first day back on the trail after slacking because it's always with a super heavy bag. This time I have all my winter gear back plus still summer clothes. It's that time when the weather is unpredictable. I also packed out fresh veggies to cook with my boring rice to make it more interesting. With full packs we had three peaks to climb, Moose Mountain, Holts Ledges, and finished with Smarts Mt.

No Time To Zero But We Can Nero

Day 158 Monday August 28, 2017 Miles: 1748.4 - 1756.0.   Completed: 7.6 Time: 10:01am - 2:16pm Weather: Perfect Hotel: Element in Lebanon, NH Time is ticking and we want to get to Katahdin before it closes October 15th but after these last several days of big miles we need a break. We don't have time to zero but we can nero. So Batman got us one more night at the Element. All we had to do was a quick 7.6 miles and we could enjoy one last afternoon of luxury before tackling more of NH. It was another perfectly pleasant day of Hiking. I took lots of pictures. These are just a few of the photos that I captured. I thought I'd use fewer words today and let the colors do the talking. Especially si

Welcome To New Hampshire

Day 157 Sunday August 27, 2017 Miles: 1730.7 - 1748.4.   Completed: 17.7 Time: 7.34am - 5:45pm Weather: Perfect Hotel: Element in Lebanon, NH Shortcake over the border Another huge day of Hiking. 17.7 miles ended us in our 13th state, New Hampshire. Vermont ushered out with a soft rolling trail as New Hampshire welcomed us in even more gently. We figured it was the calm before the storm. Part way through our hike the trail dumped out into a little community in West Hartford, VT where we crossed White River on a short bridge. At the end of the bridge was a house with a friend person waving us over. It was the home of Randy and Linda. They graciously cook pancakes for hungry hikers. We had lot

Batman Is Perfect For Me

Day 156 Saturday 26, August, 2017 Miles: 1715.3-1730.7.   Completed: 15.4 Time: 6:16am - 5:00pmpm Weather: Perfect, cool morning Hotel: Element in Lebanon, NH We hiked with a pep in our step today. Not sure where the energy is coming from. But both of us these past few days have been burning up the miles.  Today we knew we would be extracted by Batman and flown to a hotel. We just needed to hike. There was so much to see. The weather was perfect. The trail offered a little of everything. All was well. We were tired by the end of the hike and we anxiously hiked on so we could have a comfy bed, shower, and real food. We enjoy our adventure but there does come a time when sleeping, eating and s

Christmas On The Trail

Day 155 Friday August 25, 2017 Miles: 1700.8-1715.3     Completed: 14.5 Time: 7:40am - 5:20pm Weather: Really Nice Tented at Chateauguay Road We continue to surprise ourselves. After our 20 mile day we cranked out another 14.5. The day was sweet with nice weather and an easy trail for most of the day. We had ups and we had downs but that's to be expected. We are after all Hiking in the Appalachian Mountains. Shortcake received a package today from friends who mailed it ahead. It was a morning treat like Christmas morning. Batman met us at the package site and took our gear, my treat. We slacked the rest of the day helping us to do the miles with less effort. It was a nice day of Hiking. Our

Some Days Single Digits Are Enough

Day 162 Friday September 1, 2017 Miles: 1800.4 - 1807.9   Completed 7.5 Time: 10:45am - 5:10pm Weather: Cloudy and cool Tented at Eliza Brook Shelter After yesterday's hair raising finish Shortcake and I decided to shut our morning 5:30am alarm off and sleep in. I don't even remember the last time on trail we did so. It was a cool quiet night making sleep easy after such a hard workout. It felt really nice to lie in my cozy sleeping bag without the worry of having to get up and out for an early start. We had low miles planned. We knew we would be pushing our limits to go for another big day after what we did already. Some days single digits are enough. Low miles doesn't mean easy though. My.

Happy Birthday Stephen

Day 153 Wednesday August 23, 2017 Miles: 1665.5 - 1680.4.   Completed: 14.9 Time: 6:15am - 5:15pm Weather: Cloudy, nice temps, breezy Tented at Minerva Hinchey Shelter Details to come...

A Day of Peak Bagging

Day 152 Tuesday August 22, 2017 Miles: 1650.7 - 1665.5    Completed: 14.8 Time: 7:34am - 4:54pm Weather: cloudy with an evening T-storm Stayed in lost pond shelter It was a good thing we had a zero day. It gave us a chance to rest up for a day of peak bagging. We climbed up and over 4 different mountains in under 15 miles. We flew over Bromley, Styles, Peru, and our favorite, Baker Peak. Baker was the lowest at only 2635 feet elevation but it offered the best view after we scaled its ledge spine. It was a perfect spot to rest before our final 2 mile push to the shelter. We decided to stay in the shelter due to the forecast of thunderstorms for the night. When we arrived there where two young

Don't Worry We Are Still Going

Hi everyone, it's been awhile since my last post but don't worry we are still going. As much as we wanted to chill at Green Mountain House we didn't. Between the remoteness of our journey and IPhone challenges keeping my blog up to date has been impossible. Yes, I am still have issues with my phone. But to try and get you all caught up I will at least get logistical entries in for the missing days and as I have time I will fill in the fun details. This way you will at least know where we are. The battery issue seems to be resolved with my phone but now my pictures have not been restored from iCloud. I'll just have to do a fantastic job painting visuals for you with my words until that challe

Where's The Eclipse

Day 151 Monday August 21, 2017 Miles: Zero Weather: Just Perfect, of course we aren't hiking So, where's the eclipse. We were supposed to see it today. It's been nothing but total sunshine all day. Our zero day flew by just like always. If we weren't chasing the calendar to get to Katahdin I'd love to stay another day to rest. But when we get reports from other hiker friends up ahead and they say how it was 37 degrees on Mt Washington extra zeros are a luxury we can't afford at this time. We've had good food, good friends and rest. It will have to do for another week to ten days. Besides, too much time here at this awesome hostel might make it too hard to get back to the trail. The end is in

The Best Hostel On The Trail

Day 150 Sunday August 20, 2017 Miles: 1633.2 - 1650.7    Completed: 17.5 Time: 6:17am - 4:54pm Weather: Cool start, partly cloudy, perfect temp It was an awesome day. The morning was cool and crisp. We started with an easy climb to the top of Stratton Mountain. The only view was if you climbed the fire tower. Shortcake and Bateman conquered it. I made it up the first flight. When I rounded the landed the continue up the wind caught my chest and I said, "NOPE! That's high enough for me." I keep trying to climb the towers and I keep chickening out. It was cloudy anyways so I didn't miss anything. Today's mud was less and slightly drier then yesterday. It was more like brownie mix rather then q

Mud, Mud, And More Mud

Day 149 Saturday August 19, 2017 Miles: 1625 - 1633.2    Completed: 8.2 Time: 6:15am - 12:30pm Weather: Nice but partly cloudy Glamour at mile 1633.2 This morning we had a few minutes of a tiny sunrise. (Pic) We passed a few ponds and the elevation was gentle most of the day. But the mud was horrible. Several times I thought poor shortcake was going to lose her footwear as she misjudged her step causing one boot to land into deeper then expected mud. SCHMUCK!!! Could be heard loud and clear as she pulled herself free from the hold the slummy sludge had on her. Thank goodness we had a short day plan and it ended at a stream where we were able to wash our shoes off then dry them in the afterno

Good Morning

Day 148 Friday August 18, 2017 Miles: 1612.2 - 1625    Completed: 12.8 Weather: Rain Stayed in Kid Gore Shelter Our late comers last night continued their inconsiderate behavior until 10:00pm. They had no concept of fact the shelter they were sleeping in was surrounded by sleeping hikers. I agree the food bag I hung in the Shelter the night before is risky due to bears. But the guy's attitude (see previous post) was all wrong. If he would have politely asked for its owner to remove it I would have done so without hesitation. In fact, the night before I did the same thing but removed it before anyone asked because I knew it was the proper thing to due. But their loud conversation and pot smok

Black Bear Unleashed

Day 147 Thursday 17 August 2017 Miles: 1599.1 - 1612.2    Completed: 13.1 Weather: partly sunny, cool morning Tenting at Melville Nauheim Shelter I had a fabulous hiking day. I was so invigorated I hiked on ahead of Shortcake most of the day and took breaks letting her catch up. The trail was pleasant and easy in terms of elevation. I enjoy hiking fast. It gets my heart going and energizes me. I get that natural high from the endorphins released from exercise. It's a free and natural drug. (Pic) We arrived at our destination early enough to enjoy a leisure evening and get to bed early. By 7:45 we had all our chores done and had retired to our tents. We had an earlier than normal start planne

Vermud Here We Come

Day 146 Wednesday August 16, 2017 Miles: 1585.9 - 1599.1    Completed: 13.2 Time: 6:54am - 5:11pm Weather: cloudy, breezy start then warm Tenting at Seth Warner Shelter Bascom Lodge on top of Greylock, Massachusetts's highest peak was a very nice overnight. One of the joys backpacking offers is the freedom to pitch a tent almost wherever and whenever you please. But one of the biggest drawbacks is also having to set up camp every single night. When nice accommodations are available it's a treat. After restful slumber we were back on the trail early. Good thing we slept well. Our home began with a descent from 3491 feet to 660 feet. I despise downhill. They are so painful on my knees and feet

Hikers Unite At Greylock

Day 145 Tuesday August 15, 2017 Miles: 1575.2 - 1585.9    Completed: 10.7 Time: 8:03am - 3:40pm Weather: Rained overnight, cloudy and humid Our 6:00am alarm was ignored as the rain pounding on our tents rang louder. We were not about to start the day wet. At least I wasn't going to. But poor shortcake unknowingly was sleeping in a puddle. She was unaware of this fact because the two inches of elevation provided by her air mattress kept her afloat but most of her gear was wet. It rained just long enough to soak the trail. The weather forecast for the day was promising with temps in the mid 70's. Finally a respite from the heat. Then I read the humidity factor, 94%. That guaranteed that none o

Time For Some Q & A's Part 1

Day 144 Monday August 14, 2017 Miles: 1562.3 - 1575.2    Completed: 12.9 Time: 7:18am - 4:15pm Weather: Cloudy, warm but not too hot Tenting at Mile 1575.2 Our weekend slackpacking is over. We enjoyed lighter packs for the last three days and as usual once we have those fully loaded monkeys on our backs we had to start with an incline. Lucky for us we are now fit as a fiddle and the heavy loads barely slowed us down as we glided up and the over that frist ascent. We at least didn't have to do all of today's miles with packs fully resupplied. We were still able to slack over half our miles. Thank you Batman! Today I was wondering how I could shake up my blog for you. Instead of the same ole s

The Cookie Lady

Day 143 Sunday August 13, 2017 Miles: 1459.7 - 1562.0   Completed: 12.6 Weather: Cloudy start and sunny Tenting at the Cookie Lady's House Massachusetts has earned its nickname today. Often it is called Massa-ROOT-ettes due to the roots in the trail. Each state has its own characteristics and challenges and I think a rooty trail is the worst. Even more so then PA's rocks. Roots are hard to steady yourself on when they are dry. Heaven for bid if they are wet. Today they were numerous and wet. Pic That didn't stop us from getting our miles in for the day. We like to do between 12-14. The last two days were neros so we needed to pick up the pace. Katahdin won't stay open all year waiting for us

Short Days Are The Best Days

Day 142 Saturday August 12, 2017 Miles: 1541.2 - 1549.7    Completed: 8.5 Time: 9:30am - 3:00pm Tented at Berkshire Community Center We had another semi nero day today. Since we were an hour from the trail last night we took advantage of sleeping in and breakfast at the hotel. The long drive back to the trail combined with a late start limited the number of miles we could do. That's okay. We still had fun and getting done early allows us to chill. So many times we get in late and all we have time to do is set up our tent and go to bed. Batman has been around helping this weekend so we have had the luxury of a hotel, slack packing, and restaurants. With him helping it also means we might only


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