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Day 211 Friday October 20, 2017 Miles: 2184.6 - 2189.8 to Summit then back down 5.2 Weather: Cloudy start, then sunny, cool and WINDY Slept at home We made it. We finally made it to the Baxter Peak on top of Maine's tallest and grandest mountain, Katahdin. Emotions were high ranging from pure joy to sadness. No cleverly crafted words can describe today. Let the photos due the talking starting with our head lamp early morning start to the car ride out of the park headed home. Next!!! Happy Hiking.

That Could Have Been Bad

Day 210 Thursday October 19, 2017 Miles: 2174.7 - 2184.6 Completed: 9.9 Time: 5:05am - 11:20pm Weather: Cool and Sunny Tented at Katahdin Stream Campground Today was the last day of regular hiking. It was an easy 9.9 mile stroll through one of my favorite spots on the whole entire Appalachian Trail. We knew this section would be a breeze to complete but we chose to get up at our usual time so we could enjoy an afternoon of R and R before our summit tomorrow. We headed out once again with our lamps meandering along the river where we watched the sunrise as it burned off the morning mist. There was so much water today in all its various forms, rivers, streams, ponds, and small tributaries.

A Blessed Day From The Start

Day 209 Wednesday October 18, 2017 Miles: 2157.2 - 2174.7 Completed 17.5 Time: 5:22am - 4:30pm Weather: Sunny and Warm Tented at Abol Stream State Campground Today we exited the 100 Mile Wilderness. It was an easy hike. We left bright and early after our 4:00am wake up call. We packed up the car and enjoyed yet another day of slacking. Batman drove 2 hours on the dirt road to get out. He had errands to do, a food run that would take him into Millinocket. 5 hours later after we left him he arrived at the campground by Abol Bridge. He once again had our tents set up. Every hiker should have a Batman. I couldn't image what that type of service would cost. Smiles on our faces was all the comp

I Couldn't Get Close Enough

Day 2018 Tuesday October 17, 2017 Miles: 2138 - 2157.2 Completed: 19.2 Time: 5:13pm - 5:40pm Weather: Sunny with some clouds, cool Tented next to stream We were given a mixture of surprises today. We had smooth leaf covered trails that made us feel like we were in Heaven. Then we had rocky sections to remind us we were still here on hearth. And then we finally were treated to our first view of Katahdin. There wasn't much of a trail to the lake's edge but I knew in my heart I'd be able to see the crown jewel of Maine, Katahdin. So I led Shortcake and myself to the shore over the not so safe path. Once there we had to make our way across a few large boulders to gain a clear line of sight. I

A Walk In The Woods

Day 207 Monday october 16, 2017 Miles: 2120.0 - 2138.0 Completed: 18 Time: 5:03am - 3:10pm Weather: Cool and Sunny Tented at Atlers Campsite There was absolutely nothing to complain about today. The sun was shining, the air was crisp and cool and the terrain was kind to us. It wasn’t all flat like the picture below but it was pretty darn sweet. Days like these are why I grit through all the other yuck. One day of heaven wipes away all the other days of hell. Yesterday we had a choice to make. Batman slackpacked us today and yesterday but if we wanted to continue with such luxury through the remainder of the 100 Mile Wilderness we had to do an 18 mile today, a 19.2 tomorrow and a 17.5 the

Guardian Of The Forest

Day 206 Sunday October 15, 2017 Miles: 2105.6 - 2120.0 Completed 14.4 Time: 5:55am - 4:21pm Weather: Sunny and Cool Stealthed in the woods next to dirt road You never know what you will see in the woods. This Dalmatian sits on a large rock above the trail like a gargoyle, keeping watch over the forest. He is not easily spotted. Haha, no pun intended. But he’s not hidden either, Shortcake nor Batman saw him. A few yards from the dog’s post I had a flashback as I so often did and remembered he was there so I knew to look up. There he sat just as vigilant as he was in 2015. I am not one for non natural items to be left in the woods but this was unique and entertaining. Its placement was incon


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