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Vacation: Second Day

Two days of vacation in the books. Where does the time go. Saturday we arrived in Florida after a 12 hour flight itinerary. We touched down just as the sun cast a tangerine glow across the horizon. It was a lovely welcome to the sunshine state. We left Bangor at 6:50am and were at our destination by 6:45pm. It was a long trip. Bruce and I didn’t mind. Our original plans were to drive and crash at several of our wonderful friends along the way. Beats a hotel and would get to see our friends who live far away. We took the cheap route. Bruce found us tickets using very few frequent flyer miles and an even smaller handful of cash. So the half day of travel had its advantages. Besides we entertai

Breaking Trail

Morning hikes are an awesome way to start the day, especially on a day like today when the sun shines through the trees and dances across the snow crystals like a field of diamonds. The value in this exceeds any gem you can purchase. As the crisp cool air filled my lungs I trudged along. The first part of my snowshoe trek was a breeze. I followed the trail Hubby, puppy and I took yesterday. Soon I was breaking trail and it was more difficult. The snow was deep and my snowshoes did little to keep me from sinking into the fresh powder. Each step was one in a beautiful scene from a NatGeo film. I huffed and puffed over the terrain and barely notice how hard I was working. I wanted to go on but

Two Choices

(Unknown Author) Yesterday my stomach was bloated and had been hurting. I blamed it on over eating at Super Bowl Sunday's dinner. Evening came and I discovered that wasn't the case. The truth was I had inadvertently eaten something I wasn't supposed to. You are probably thinking, "So, deal with the tummy issue and all will be fine." Not exactly. This morning I woke to intense abdominal cramping and more bloating. Ouch! Granted I don't have a life threatening allergy but eating things that do not agree with me causes uncomfortableness and affects my productivity as well as my happy quotient. It also hinders my progress of the Whole30 eating challenge I started January 1st. This will be the se


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