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It's Another Monday Already

Holy cow! who stole last week? Poof, it's gone and it's Monday again and I didn't step foot out on a trail. I had full intentions on getting out into the woods on Saturday, but that isn't what took place. Bruce and I were going to hit a trail some where in the north Maine woods Saturday for fresh air and leaf-peeping. Yes, it's that glorious time of year when the trees turn color. The changes in the length of daylight and changes in temperature cause the chlorophyll in the leaves to stop making food, the chlorophyll breaks down and the green color disappears, leaving behind red, orange and yellow colors that make fall so beautiful. I often suffer from insomnia, either I can't get to sleep, o


Howdy Everyone! Hope you all had a great weekend. The weather is changing rapidly this fall. We woke to frosty little crystals on the grass. It looked like a field of diamonds. Pretty, yes, but way too soon! I built our first fire to break the chill. It was 54 degrees inside, great for sleeping, but that's about it. Facebook showed us that last year on this date, we were on a dinner cruise around the lake with our neighbors in their boat. That won't be taking place today. I didn't get any hiking or anything else adventerous in this past week, but I did talk about it a lot with my editor on my next book, a journalist, and at this weekend's book signing. I know it's not the same thing but it


I am just going to jump right in, no warm-up or catch-phrase. I did not expect the huge turnout for my soft signing! Why do I use the term soft signing, you ask? Just like new stores and new restaurants have a soft opening before the real-deal to work out the kinks and bugs, I had a soft signing. I scheduled a debut book signing for September 12, 2020. I chose that Saturday because it is my parent's wedding anniversary. Even though they are no longer with us, doing it on that day would have felt like they were, making the event all the more special. After I announced it on Facebook, and handed out flyers, there was an outbreak of Covid in our surrounding area. So, I cancelled the event think


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