Photo mounted on  low profile hardboard coasters with cork back. Matte finish. Coasters are not just for protecting your furniture from cold and hot beverages. Add a removable mounting strip to transform your coaster into wall art. Great mixed in with a gallery wall. Add above a light switch as a reminder each time you enter or leave a room. Position on an easel placed at your place of work. Add a magnet for refrigerator decorations. Ideas are limitless.


Photos were taken while hiking. Most of them taken while I through hiked the Appalachian Trail. Each photo has a story. The day I took this photo I was feeling down and really wishing I was younger. Hiking day after day after day catches up to you fast. As I walked through the field, clugging along wishing for my youth, I saw this flower past its prime also. It reminded me of my younger days when I picked dandelions in the same state of maturity and blow the seedlings away as I made a wish. I instantly felt young again.

4"x4" Coasters - Set of 4 Color, wish, black border

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