Color photo print mounted on canvas with a glossy finish. Cardstock dust cover on back. Mounting hardware included. Photos were taken while hiking. Most of them while I through hiked the Appalachian Trail. Each photo has a story. This thistle and fern caught my eye and I spent several minutes photographing it. I took so long, my hiking buddy gave up waiting and hiked ahead. I couldn't escape it. The way the two plants complimented each other captured my attention in a way that was hard to describe. It made me think of how we, as a people are as different as these two plants. Strong and beautiful on their own with their individual qualities. But when put together how captivating. Just like us, There is power when we celebrate our differences and unite our gifts with someone else's whose is different from our own. 

Print on Canvas -Thistle Finished size 8"x8"

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