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It's Never Too Late, Or Is It?

A common phrase I hear as I discuss my plans for hiking the Appalachian Trail is, "Oh, one day I hope to do that!" My reply is simple, "It's never too late." But is that true?

The past week has been tough for my family with sickness and several deaths from extended family members as well as friends. It has been a sad roller coaster. Besides the usually immediate shock and awe from the loss of loved ones my thoughts turned inward.

I was driving to work and it hit me like a bird on the windshield, and I shouted in the car, "My gosh, Lord, They are dropping like flies!" Sorry for the dark humor but sometimes that helps me cope in my own way. Tears started to seep from the corners of my eyes and I could tell the dam was about to break. I couldn't let that happen since I was behind the wheel. I engaged my handsfree mode and called my sister. Thank goodness she answered. He voice stopped the water works and I was at work before I knew it.

Work was a blur and I was soon back in my vehicle alone to reflect. This time with more control and dry eyes. My inward thoughts focused on that phrase I would tell people, "It's never too late". But sometimes it is. We never know when we or our loved ones will be called to our Heavenly home. In our world of busy lives we take for granted that tomorrow will be there with the sunrise.

Our lives may be crazy and time limited but we need to make sure we stop sweating the small stuff. Dishes and dust will always be there, the to do list will grow faster then tasks eliminated, and you will double book your schedule. Amidst all that mayhem, remember there will come a time when it will be too late.

Go on that get away, stay home a day in your PJ's, watch a marathon of your favorite tv show reruns and remember to say I love you, I forgive you, and or I miss you often. Send a snail mail note to family and friends you can't visit. Texting, Social Media and blogs for that matter are nice and convenient but nothing beats a handwritten note. Because one day it will be too late.


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