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Franks Frosting Fuels

Bruce and I had a successful first leg of our trip. Sunday night we exchanged well-wishes with Patch. He had to go back to college. At 8:00am yesterday we said good-byes to Stephen then left our home on the lake.

The start was slower then we had planned but it was enjoyable. Any time spent with our kids, who are young adults now, is always time well spent. With a few other stops we finally exited the great state of Maine about noon. I love this iconic bridge. Going south it's the beginning of an adventure. On the return it's the welcome home. 

Bruce and I consider ourselves road warriors. We have thousands of miles behind the windshield and it's all about getting the miles in. Our goal is getting to the destination as quickly and safely as possible. One way to accomplish that is to pack our own food. Not only does it conserve on stoppage time, it also makes for healthier eating. We are not fans of fast food. We consumed our usual deli meats, cheeses, snack bars and dry cereal. We forgot the fruit. But we did have a special treat to satisfy our sweet tooth.

Late in the even with several more hours to go we needed a pick me up. I remembered I had some Frank's Bakery frosting in the cooler. Frank's is a wonderful little bakery in Bangor, Maine. Friday I purchased 3 pounds of their locally famous cake frosting to top a birthday cake I was making for Patch and Bruce's combined 21st and 50th celebration. My cake was a major fail and I was stuck with a tub of this sweet delicacy. I offered it to family and friends who declined. So I decided to bring it. It made an incredible accent to the dry gluten free graham like crackers in our snack bag.

Not only did it drastically improve the enjoyment of the cardboard like cookie it provided a nice sugar overload fueling us for the next couple of hours. 

With every mile south my excitement climbed as high as the Virginia mountains loomed over us.

I can't believe that just 2 years ago my feet carried me up and down those glacier carvings all the way from Georgia to Maine. In two short days I will be doing it all over again but this time with my best buddy, Sharon. 

Bruce filled the drivers seat for the day. He tried passing the task on to me several times but I politely declined. I won't sit in the captains chair again until I return home in the fall. Shot gun was good for me.

We arrived in Weaverville, North Carolina minutes after Sharon got home. It was perfect timing. She took a quick trip to Florida where her canine companion, Ellie will live on a farm for the next 6 months.

It has been an incredible afternoon. The three of us have played show and tell with all our gear. I made cookies for the frosting I brought down and we are working on final lists. 

Tomorrow will be the completion of those lists, one last trip to outfitter and then diner at a Mexican restaurant that has the best fish tacos ever. 

Happy Hiking


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