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The Final Countdown

Sharon, Bruce, and I made it to Amicalola Falls State Park a tad after 3:30pm. We are staying at the Lodge. Upon arrival at the park we eagerly visited the welcome center where we signed in for our hike. Sharon is Northbound thru hiker #1165 and I am #1166. We stragically let another hiker register first so I could be number 1156. I like the number 6. But not when it comes to weight. 

After getting our hiker numbers we weighed our packs. Sharon's was a modest 32, and so was Bruce's. My pack weight sported my lucky number 6.  I wish it was 26 pounds but that would have been wishful thinking. It topped out at a whopping 36 pounds.

From there we drove the steep winding road up to the lodge, we checked into our room and are now resting after repacking our gear. I am treating myself to a foot bath before my tootsies hit the trail tomorrow. The view from our room is stunning. 

In a couple hours the sun will set over these hills as we are in the final countdown 14:10:35 to our hike. 

Happy Hiking


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