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Day 3

March 26 day 3 9:00-3:00 Mile 9-16.8 We hiked to Gooch Gap Shelter, it was packed with 20 thru hikers, and 9 section hikers. The ground was so uneven Shortcake and I found ourselves rolling on top of each other.  The wind was horrible tonight, then it turned to a down pour. Our tent was so dirty from the splash up of mud. No rain no pain. 

Foggy morning continued into a foggy afternoon but late afternoon the clouds blew away allowing the sun and breeze to dry our filthy gear. There is a young girl having a rough time already. She is a little high maintenance. Not a good fit for trail life. Saw neat snails and green plants growing. Tonight I was recognized by two other hikers thanks to the documentary Walking Home by Ryan Leighton. I am trail famous.  

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