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Trail Famous

Day 4 March 27, 2017

Mile 15.8 to 26.4

8:50am to 5:15pm

Tented at Jarred Gap Shelter GA

Today was a nice day of hiking with only a tiny bit of rain. The trail is packed with hikers and many of them have canine companions. I am a fury friend lover but I feel so bad for the dogs. Most of them do not look happy to be out there, especially the thru hiking pets. Most of the owners are responsible and leash their four-legged partners but it's always that one who doesn't who has the naughty dog. The kind that come up and steal your snack while you are taking a break.

A fellow hiker, Double Time recognized me today. Another fan who saw the movie Walking Home. We are getting quite the reputations. Sharon is known for her cupcake hat and I am recognized from Ryan Leighton's documentary. 

We hiked 2.5 miles further then our hiking bubble today. The young whimps petered out. We may be slow but we are steady. 

Happy Hiking. 

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