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💯 Miles logged

Day 12

Tuesday April 12, 2017

Mile: 96.3 to 105.7

8:55am - 4:58pm

Weather: sunny and hot

Tented at Rock Gap Shelter

Black Bear at the 💯 mile mark

It was another beautiful sunny day. It's feast or famine out here weather wise and food wise. But lately either I am soaking wet from rain or burning my tender, Maine, pasty white skin. I'll take the burn.

We passed the 100 mile mark today. The unofficial spot is the tower on top of Albert Mountain at 5250 feet. 

Black Bear on Albert Mt. fire tower

The 360 degree view was stunning and breathe taking for this gal afraid of heights. But I was much more comfortable with the climb this year than in 2015. In fact I went up and down twice today. 

Bad weather is headed for the mountains but the NOC is only two days away if we push hard. We think we can do it.

Happy Hiking. 

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