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Good-bye Georgia Hello North Carolina

Day 10

Sunday April 2, 2017

Mile 73.8 to 86

8:30am - 5:45pm

Weather: Sunny and hot

Tented at Standing Indian Shelter

Black Bear at the Georgia-North Carolina Border

One state down thirteen to go. It was a beautiful day to cross a border. Nothing like sunshine to keep the spirits bright. We said good-bye to Georgia and North Carolina greeting us with steep inclines and even steeper descents.

At the end of the hike Batman hiked south from Deep Gap meeting up with us. We hiked backed to the car together where we gathered our resuppy and a little trail magic of fresh spinach. It was a nice treat added to our hiker evening meals.

I was pretty tired when we reached the gap and suggested we camp by the car. Our prep panned destination was a .9 mile hike up 350 feet. Shortcake insisted we suck it up and get to the shelter as planned. So glad we did. It was a nice place to end the day. It has been great having a hiking partner this time around. We share the joys, divide the misery and pick the other one up when the other is down.

Happy Hiking. 

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