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Sometimes A Little Is A Lot

Day 9

Saturday April 1, 2017

Mile 69.3 to 73.8

10:38am - 2:00pm

Tented at Plumorchard Shelter

Today was a whopping 4.5 miles. But sometimes a little is a lot. What we didn't gain in mileage we benefitted from rest. We were not ready for a day off but we did need a little R&R. Our late start and early finish allowed our tired legs to recover without having to take a whole day off.

Bruce aka Batman hiked to the shelter with us. Plumorchard is a three leveled structure that is quite cozy and I was excited to introduce Shortcake to shelter life since we actually arrived early enough to claim a spot before it was full. Just as I was approaching it, Batman informed me the man already occupying it was the same hiker back at the hostel that rattled the shingles off the roof with his snoring. So we set up our tents. 

Our water filtering system

Fire time with Jersey Boys and Fly

Nap time in the sun. 

It was a fabulous Nero day. 

Happy Hiking. 

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