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These Boots Were Made for Climbing

Day 7

Thursday March 30, 2017

Mile: 47.9 to 58.3

8:13am - 4:45pm

Today involved major ups and downs named Blue Mountain, Rocky Mountain, and Tray Mountain. Each summit peaked out over 4,000 feet elevation. I sure do love my Cresta hiker boots, they are made for climbing.

The first decent landed us in Unicoi Gap just in time for trail magic hosted by a local church group. It was the best hamburger we had ever eaten even though it looked and felt liked the leather on my boots. There is something special about trail magic that makes it taste so wonderful. I believe it's the love and kindness from the generous folks who provide it. 

We met a really nice German hiker with his dog. He is quite adventurous. He speaks very little English and he is out here hiking the Appalachian Trail.

The cutest little creature I saw today was Little Miss Mouse. She was bursting at the seams obviously pregnant. The poor girl could hardly walk.

Supper was a treat. I made bacon and cheese quesadillas. I love pulling out my gourmet hiking kitchen skills and watch my fellow hikers drool. I don't do it often because it is more work but sure is yummy when I do. 

Town day tomorrow. 

Happy Hiking. 

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