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Zero Day Means Resupply

Day 14

Thursday April 6, 2017

Zero Miles Hiked

Slept in until the bed kicked me out

Weather: rainy and cold

I am so glad we decided to whimp out, I mean use our senses and get off the trail. It was cold down here in town and inside. I can't imagine how it would have been on the trail.

Screen shot of weather from

The above weather forecast was more than we could handle. We will rest again tomorrow and get back to hiking Saturday when the weather takes a turn for the good. 

In the meantime we are enjoying some down time at Shortcake's house and resupplying. We may have gone a little overboard at the grocery store. It's never a good idea for a hungry hiker to go shopping.

Time for bed. 

Happy Hiking. 

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