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Treat My Feet Right And They Will Treat Me Right

Day 15 April 7, 2017

Zero miles hiked

Got up after 8:00am

Weather: sunny, windy and frigid

Location: Near Franklin, NC

Epsom salt foot bath

I always thought Epsom salt was for old people. Boy was I wrong! I discovered this at home spa treatment in 2015 and frequently give my feet a soak. If I treat them right they will carry me wherever I want to go. So far neither Shortcake nor I have any foot issues what so ever. Even my severe metatarsal pain that plagued me the entire first thru hike and for years has barely surfaced. I believe it's the gentle pace and low miles we are keeping. Yes, my tootsies get tired by the end of the day but they are not in pain.

We will be back on the trail tomorrow morning. Batman will be going with us for the weekend. He'll hike in awhile then jump ahead and hike toward us. It will take two days to get to the NOC where we will consume large burgers and skip the fries. In lieu of fries you can have their grilled veggies which is a concoction of spinach and cheese. It's fabulous!

We are all resupplied, bathed, and rested just in time for better weather for a few days. 

Happy Hiking. 

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