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We Were Doing Just Awesome Until Batman Arrived.

Day 17 Sunday April 9 2017

Mile: 125.3 - 137.1

7:45am - 4:30pm

Weather: Sunny, brisk start then hot

The day started much better than it ended last night.  Just before heading to bed I went potty and I stepped in someone's poop! I almost cried. I was wearing my crocs but thank goodness it did not ooze between the holes. I managed to scrape most of the crap off onto a rock and then hung it in a tree. I sent them out with Batman who cleaned them for me. What a great guy. 

But this morning the sunrise was phenomenal. It made the below freezing temps forgettable. 

Black Bear enjoying the sunrise. 

We had 12 miles planned for the day and it was all sunshine and roses. The temps warmed quickly, the sun glistened our skin, and the inclines we doable with spectacular views every now and then. 

Black Bear and Shortcake at Rocky Bald

We saw lots of pretty sights. Here are just a few. 

All was awesome until Batman joined us from the North and then all hell broke loose. It was torturous, craggy, and gnarly. It went on for 5.2 miles. We have been hiking in forest fire burned areas since we left Top of Georgia but the worst parts were yesterday and today. At times we felt like the trail was going to crumble under our feet. 

We finally stumbled our way out of the woods at the Nantahala Outdoor Center where we headed for the restaurant where our burgers were waiting.

Black Bear at the NOC

I doubled my patties and cleaned my plate. 

After dinner we said good-bye to Batman, showered, and are resting after the grueling end of the day's hike. We will enjoy a night in the bunkhouse before continuing up the trail. We have a 1,500 foot ascent tomorrow morning. So those double patties won't sit on my hips long. 

Happy Hiking. 

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