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Krazy Korean Showers Us With Praise

Day 20

Wednesday April 20, 2017

7:37 - 12:20pm

Mile: 158.9 - 166.0

Weather: Hot and Sunny

Weather has been fantastic. Hope it continues. 

We had an easy 7 mile stroll into Fontana today. We arrived at the Fontana Hilton Shelter just in time for lunch. It is by far the nicest shelter on the entire trail complete with lots of sleeping space,  tenting, showers, bathrooms, spigot, and a charging station. All of which overlook Fontana Lake.

Fontana Dam is the largest dam east of the Rockies and was built to supply the us with power for building metal for airplanes for WWII. 

While we were enjoying our hiker lunches we met a Krazy Korean, a young hiker from Alabama. He immediately started showering us with praise and compliments. He could not believe we were the ages we told him. He told me a I was a very good looking gal. And on and on. He made us laugh and thanked him for the ego boosts. We didn't care if he was lying through his teeth. 

Shortcake - Krazy Korean - Black Bear

Batman met us today to resupplying. He drove 2 hours one way just to bring our food and supplies. I also was able to tell him a message from Krazy. It was, "that he was one lucky man to have me as a wife!"

Life on the trail has been superb so far and we are having a great time. But today I received notice that my dad had a heart attack last night. He is stable but they need to figure out the issues. My brother informed me Dad would not want me to come off the trail. So for the time being I will continuing hiking. Prayers please for his recovery. 

Tomorrow Shortcake and I head into the Great Smokey Mountains National Park. Service will be very limited so if you don't hear from me for a few days I'll catch you all up as soon as I can. 

Happy Hiking. 

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