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What Does A Hiker Do On A Rest Day

Day 35

Thursday April 27, 2017

Miles: 318.2 - 318.2

Weather: Rainy then sunny afternoon

Sleeping at basecamp

Today is a rest day. We like to get off the trail at least once a week. Some people think that is whimping out. But I figured if even pro athletes get a down day then we should get one also considering our workouts last 6-12 hours a day.

So, what does a hiker do on a rest day? We call them a zero for no miles covered. We do as little as possible. But our rest days are always filled with something. Today we went to a sporting good store. Shortcake needed new hiking shoes. Her current new ones did not pan out to her liking. The treads were more like racing slicks. She wanted something that would help her stay upright. I am not saying that she spends time on the ground but there have been a few close calls that had her dancing not so gracefully down the trail. Funny for my entertainment but not hers.

After chores are done such as laundry, drying equipment and resupplying we do lots of eating.

Black Bear's Calorie Loading Dinner. 

We also heal our soar bodies with bathing.  

Pure Heaven. 

And we sleep. 

Black Bear After A Three Hour Nap. 

And if the day ends too soon and we haven't had enough food and sleep, we take another zero. That's the plan for tomorrow. 

Happy Hiking. 

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