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75 MPH Gusts No Problem

Day 42

Thursday May 4, 2017

7:35am - 12:57pm

Weather: Cloudy, misty & windy

Staying at Roan Mountain B&B

What a difference 24 hours makes. Yesterday we had an incredible day. Today we experienced every emotion fathomable in 2 hours of the most intense hiking I have ever done. 

We crossed Little Hump and Hump Mountains which were open bands that topped out over 5500 feet. The wind whipped, howled, and tried to throw us off the mountain. 75 mph gusts were no challenge for Shortcake and myself. Well, that's what I say now as I sit in the safety of a B&B, warming by the fire. I have never in my life experienced winds so horrific.

At first it was fun. Then became work. We did twice as much walking as needed. We'd take two steps forward then literally get blown off the trail sideways and have to take 4 steps back to the trail. At times we were fearful.

Not only did I have to deal with the physical exertion caused by the climb and wind I was running on no sleep. I slept terribly last night. That wasn't all either. I was tired and exhausted then another hiker kept hiking too close to me. I offered to let him pass which he did. But when Shortcake stepped aside he wouldn't continue. He stayed between us acting like our buddy. We didn't want to be social. We had all we could do to stay upright. I passed him again so I could be in safe range of my buddy then he kept crowing me. As all my close family and friends know I don't handle people behind me well. Finally, the third time of asking him not to be so close he got the word and we didn't hear see him the rest of the day. But it wasn't soon enough.

After reaching the safety of the tree line Shortcake and I needed to stop and collect ourselves. It was then I said "I need a hug, that all was more then I could handle". 

It was wild and fun, scaring and thrilling, and emotional. With all that we did cross another mile stone. Two states done. 14 to go. 

Enough adventure for one day. 

Happy Hiking 

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