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My Favorite Day So Far

Day 41 May 3, 2017

Miles: 368.9 - 384.5

7:41 - 6:50pm

Weather: Warm & Sunny and windy

Tented on the Platform at Over Mountain Shelter

What a beautiful day of hiking. We conquered Roan Mountain. It was much nicer hike then my rainy adventure in 2015. I apologized to the Mountain for curser her last time. It was quite easy. 

The crown jewel of the day was Jane Bald at Carver Gap. It was by far my favorite day of hiking. The views were sweeping and went on and on. It makes all the pain and agony forgetful.

We pushed on again to get more miles crossed off with bad weather coming the next two days. So we made it to Over Mountain Shelter. It's an old barn Over looking a valley.

We set up our tent on the platform on the side of the barn hoping for a sunrise view. The majority of the hikers made camp in the field. It was like tents city. 

The wind is supposed to kick up throughout the night so we wanted a little more protection.

Happy Hiking

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