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Why Can't My Lawn Be This Nice

Day 40

Tuesday May 2, 2017

Miles: 351.1 - 368.9

7:01am - 6:20pm

Cool Start then windy but nice

Tented at Clyde Smith Shelter

Today we just kept going. Both of us felt great and we covered 17.8 miles. It made up for our low mileage yesterday.

The miles were filled with a variety of sights. We saw open balls, dense spruce forests, a bunny and lots of other interesting things. What amazed me the most is how this beautiful, lush, green grass can grow deep in the forest way up in the mountains without any chemicals or tending to by human efforts. Why can't my lawn be this nice.

It looks like it was planted along the trail on purpose. Other spots it stretches deep into the woods like a 70's shag rug. I resist the temptation to dig a clump up and send home.

My feet are tired from the long miles. I prefer 12-14 miles a day but sometimes we have to push on for one reason or another.

Happy Hiking

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