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Hiking The AT Is Like Opening An Enormous Treasure Chest

Day 43 May 5, 2017

Mile: 393.9 - 404.1

Time: 7:14am - 1:25pm

Weather: Perfect compared to yesterday 

Roan, TN

Staying at Roan Mountain B & B overflow home

Well, today was a fantastic rest day for our bodies, minds and and spirits after yesterday's adventure. We slack packed 10 miles over gentle terrain and a smooth trail. The only obstacles were blown over trees and debris covering the trail. Remnants from the wind and rain the day before. 

It was a fantastic day. We saw nice views and a huge magnolia tree. I was astounded to learn weren't shrubs, but this one we say today had to be 100 years old. 

Magnolia Tree

We stopped and had snacks at two different waterfalls. 

Shortcake found her prince in road form. 

But didn't kiss him so she'll never know if he was the one. 

We passed our 400th mile. 

And the best treat of all was I got to see some dear friends, Jimmy and Sheri who I met in 2014 when she hiked the AT and he supported her. They spend most of their spring helping hikers and on their way back home after a long stint out on the trail they made sure to catch up with us to help out for the day. They are the reason we were able to slack pack. You can check out his hiker interviews on YouTube at Appalachian Trail Thru Hikers class of 2017. He interviewed us and I love what Shortcake said. "Hiking the Appalachian Trail is like an enormous treasure chest filled with amazing, spectacular, incredible, and magical things. Each day on the trail a new gem or treasure is revealed to us. 

We are back at Roan Mountain B&B where we are all clean again and warm waiting for other hikers to arrive. The owners will shuttle us to town for dinner. We are hitting the Mexican grill for Cinco De Mayo. 

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