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Today's Trail Gem was B.B.King

Day 45

Monday May 7, 2017

Mile: 418.4 - 431.4

7:15am - 3:30pm

Weather: Cold start, warmer during day but air still nippy. Cold end

Since we booked the cabin again for tonight we slack packed ourselves and the resort shuttled us. We left bright and early and had a beautiful hike around Laurel Falls and Watauga Lake. It was so nice to see so much water most of the day.

But the real gem came when met B.B.King. Shortcake and I were have a break and this young lady hiked up to us. She passed us the other day but we had only exchanged pleasantries. This time see came up and said how she recognized me. She had seen me in the documentary Walking Home.

We chatted and hiked several miles together. What a great gal. She just graduated from high school and isn't sure what she wants to do. But after our brief encounter I am sure whatever she decided she will thrive at.

Black Bear, B.B.Kimg, and Shortcake 

The day ended cold and we were so glad to have our shuttle rescue us and deliver us back to our warm and cozy cabin.

Happy Hiking

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