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Happy Mother's Day

Day 52

Sunday May 14, 2017

Mile: 486.1 - 497.6

Weather: sunny, partly cloudy, breezy

It was a wonderful night. Just the right cool temps for good sleeping, nice and cold. But the morning was a little chilly when it came time to get out of tent. Not only were we cold but the car remote failed to work also.

All long distance hikers know in cool and cold weather you need to sleep with your electronics, when you get up at night to go pee zip up tent to conserve heat, and sleep with your puffy jacket on as an extra layer. The key word is long distance. Batman, my beloved hubby did none of those things and consequently he was cold, he let the heat out of the tent and the remote died. We couldn't get in the car at first. The key fob has a valet key attached so I removed it from the housing but when I used it to unlock the door it set off the alarm. Which I could not shut off because the remote was dead. After awhile it turned off but I set it off five more times. Eventually the key warmed up and we were able to start the car. I didn't need it to. I was hiking but Bruce needed it. I teased him about being a dayhiker and not seasoned like Shortcake and myself. 

Once we got all our gear and headed north on the trail it was a mere 100 yards and a bouquet of Lady Slipper flowers lined the trail. It was so beautiful and such a lovely Mother's Day gift for us. 

Happy Hiking. 

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