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Boredom Is A Personal Problem

Day 60

Monday May 22, 2017

Miles: 590.1 - 602.0

Weather: Rainy, misty to overcast but always HUMID!

Tenting at Jenny Knob Shelter

Today was a milestone day. We completed 600 miles. They are starting to rack up. It seems like we just did 500 and I was playing in pony poop. A different artist had it marked out this time. 

We started the day in rain which turned to a mist then just overcast but it was always extremely humid. At times the sweat was just pouring off my face and arms. If that wasn't bad enough the nats in the air were sticking to my bug repellent sweaty skin. They had no chance. I was a walking bug strip. Then the caterpillars have hatched. They would be suspended from trees and drop on us and always seeming to land on the backs of our necks.

There was a comical sign at a trail head where we finished a road walk section then re-entered the woods. Trash cans are scarce out here. We pack it in and pack it out. At this particular location a trail angel maintains a receptacle for hikers convince. 

Above the can was a note " deer carcasses." Really? If there is a rule for it then at some point it must have happened.

Other than that and the milestone today was pretty uneventful. One could get bored walking the trail very easily. It's the same thing day after day, week after week. But I believe boredom is a personal problem. It's a choice and it's my fault if I am bored and only I can do something to change that. It makes me think of our kids today. Parents feel they must provide stimulating activities constantly to their kids so they won't be bored. But that just makes it worse. It doesn't allow them to entertain themselves and learn how to explore on their own. 

Sorry about that I digressed. But yesterday was getting a little stagnant in the trail entertainment also so Shortcake and I played a word game. The one you play when one person says a word and the other has to say a word beginning with the last letter of the previous word. The theme was anything related to the trail. Be played that game for over two hours while hiking. It was so much more fun then a video game. 

Happy Hiking. 

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