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Color Of The Day is Orange

Day 60

Tuesday May 21, 2017

Mile: 574.3 - 590.1

Time: 9:47am - 6:15pm

Weather: Cloudy, rainy and humid


Orange was the color of the day. It started out with Shortcake in her orange raincoat. Then we saw a flaming azalea tree in bloom. 

Next and throughout the day we saw orange meets. 

These little creatures littered the trail. We saw stopped counting at 30. 

An orange toad, a penny and nacho cheese Doritos at two different trail magics.

My itchiness has slowed. Only two new spots. Yesterday while we were hiking Bruce slaved spraying, washing and cleaning all my gear and tent. Hopefully it took care of the bug issue.

We are spending the night at a hotel again. The once close to the trail was booked so we had to drive to the next town, Wytheville, VA to get a place out of the rain. Batman dropped us off and scheduled Bubba to shuttle us back to the trail. So far we have had a Bubba and Larry drivers. All we need now is a Daryl. 

It was shortcakes turn with insects. Just as she was crawling into her bed she felt something on her leg. Yikes! It was a tiny tick. Not attached thank goodness. We both did another tick check before climbing into the rack. 

Happy Hiking. 

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