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Hiking Longer Than Planned Again

Day 54

Tuesday May 16, 2017

Time: 7:20am - 6:10pm

Hot and Sunny


There wasn't a bunch to see today. It was a rocky day but another one with sunshine. I don't care what the Trail bed is like as long as it isn't cold and wet out.

Lately it seems we keep having to hike more miles then the plan of the day. Today it was because there were so many hikers. There were three options in the guide book for tenting. Each time we arrived they were all full. So we kept trucking until finally we found one. 

I need to control my environment. You know the type, high A personality. I have know idea why I keep hiking. Because if there is one thing you can't do out here is control your environment. Weather, people, conditions and even the guide books are so unpredictable. But with all those variables it is teaching me I can control my attitude. And that makes all the difference. I can choose to make a bad situation worse or better just by how I think and react. 

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