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I Didnt Know They Came From Trees

Day 58

Saturday May 20, 2017

Mile: 546.1 - 574.3

Time: 8:04 - 6:30pm

Weather: Hot and Sunny


We slack packed today with Batman's help. It is so much more enjoyable without a heavy pack on our backs.

Today was filled with lots of bridges.

There are so many types. Old ones, new ones, high ones, and low ones. Green mossy structures and dry rotted types. 

We evaded a storm most of the afternoon. We huddled over the bald again. It seems like we are always hurrying through some of the best view spots avoiding potential danger. 

The weather has been so stormy. At least once a week we are threatened and exposed to thunder and lightening. Good thing is it hasn't been too close, yet. 

I saw these forms growing on trees and Shortcake mentioned how they looked just like candy corn. I didn't know that's where the sweet treat came from. You learn something new every day. 

Happy Hiking. 

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