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The Quest For A Milkshake Continues

Day 61 Tuesday May 23, 2017 Mile: 602.0 - 616.5 Time: 7:57am - 5:15pm Weather: wet, drizzle, then pouring Tenting at Wapiti Shelter

The only good thing about today was I didn't have to work and even then I was asked by an elder man named Kermit if I wanted a break from hiking I could do a work for stay at his house piling wood. Hindsight is 20/20. I should have piled wood. At least I'd be in a dry house. The day started drizzly but we were not concerned. The forecast was For scattered showers and we had our eyes set on Trent's Grocer. A small convenience store half mile off trail at a road crossing. I went there in 2015 and they had the best little lunch counter and milkshakes. So off into the misty fog we hiked.

We have tried several times to get a good shake at various establishments along our trek. Hikers crave lots of things and one of the most common is a milkshake. I don't drink milk at home but out here I can't get enough of it. When we entered Trent's I asked for a strawberry milkshake and the lady taking my order apologized and said they don't make them. So, we were damp from the drizzle and now no treat. We filled up on a burger for Shortcake and BBQ with slaw for me. I will say the south knows how to do BBQ. Back to the trail we headed. 8 miles to our destination and the drizzle had lifted shortly before we had gotten to Trent's so we were drying out. But that didn't last long. 1.5 miles left to go the scattered showers turned to a down pour. That was about 3:30pm. It's 7:21pm with no sign of it stopping. We did managed to get the tent up without too much water inside. Shortcake wiped it dry while I went to the creek to fill our water bags to filter later. I don't get discouraged too easily but I really am getting tired of all this rain. We had been lucky to avoid actually being stuck in it. I guess my good fortune ran out today. If I see Kermit tomorrow think I'll go pile wood until this rain stops. Happy Hiking 

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