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At Least The Flowers Enjoy The Rain

Day 62 Wednesday May 24, 2017 Mile: 616.5 - 623.7 Time: 7:30 11:40pm Weather: Drippy, Wet, Rainy, Breezy and Cold Bunking at Wood's Hole Hostel It stopped pouring last night about 1:30am then picked right back up at 2am. By 4:30am the only drizzle was the drops from the leaves as the breeze blew. We stayed dry in our tent but it was difficult to pack things up. We needed to do so inside our little home but with two bodies trying to maneuver bags and gear without dragging in muddy wet leaf litter was quite challenging. Once that was done then came packing up the tent. There was no sense in even wasting effort in trying to shammy the tent. I just broke it down and rolled up the soaking shelter and stuffed it into its sack. I swear the rain soaked tent weighed twice as much as normally. Into my pack it went. I so want a new tent. My dream one is the Pyramid 4 by Hyperlite. It will be spacious and since its Cuban fiber it won't retain water. Plus it is lighter then the current one we are using. More space but less weight and bulk. Can't go wrong. Four days of showers and lastnight's down pour has left the trail in terrible condition. The streams are overflowing making crossings tricky, rocks and roots are slippery, and the trail bed is muddy. But the flowers seem to love all this moisture. We saw two new blooms today, Lily of the Valley and a pink azalea. There have been lots of flowers we can't identify that we have seen over the past few weeks. Here are a few. If you know what they are please send me an email and let me know. 

Tonight we are staying in a hostel close to the Trail. It's called Wood's Hole Hostel and is a self sustainable farm. The bunkhouse is an old chestnut log cabin from the 1880's. It's cute and cozy. There will be a family style dinner and all us hikers will chip in with a special chore to do. Should be a fun experience. 

Happy Hiking 

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