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Camp Chores Are Never Done

Day 64

Friday May 26, 2017

Miles: 634.3 - 643.7



We were up way to early for our planned "sleep in" day. But since our luxurious accommodations were a step below a dive in Shortcake's words I couldn't get out of there fast enough. The place had an odd smell upon check in but it seemed better then the rain. However, after sleeping several hours my lungs had all they could take and woke me up with a burning sensation, a headache, and chest congestion at 1:30am. I suffered through in and out of sleep until I saw Shortcake awake about 6:30 ish.

We packed up and were out of there. On our way back to the trail head our road walk took us past a Dairy Queen. Finally we could quench our milkshake desire. At least Shortcake did. I was too ill for that kind of treat. The only thing I needed was lots of fresh air.

We were a mile off trail. Yesterday we had the good fortune to snag a ride from a nice elderly couple who was leaving the trailhead just as we showed up. He let us climb in the back of his pick-up. That was fun. But this morning we had to hoof it back. We didn't mind. We had a short 9.4 miles planned so one extra of road walking would make a nice warm-up. 

So much for the fresh air. An hour into the hike the trail brought us along a landfill. For about a half an hour we got to smell, well, do I really need to give details? Let's just say it wasn't my much needed fresh air. 

We hiked on and as we did the sights and smells of Pearisburg vanished and we were back into the forest. There the trail was beginning to be overgrown  with plant life.

We even saw a mother deer and her yearling. 

We first saw the doe as she bound gentle away from the trail a few leaps and stopped. She turned and watched us. My hunting instincts told me she had a baby close by that's why she didn't run off. So we looked around and on the other side of the trail we saw the yearling. We stopped and let him cross the trail to join his mom. It was such a pretty sight. That's why we put up with all the miserable weather. Just so we can get to see stuff like that. 

In order to see these sights we are forever having to do camp chores. They are never done. We can't just go to the sink and fill our water bottle for instances. We have to get it from creeks, streams, and springs. 

Piped spring flowing across the trail. 

Then we collect it. 

Then we filter it. 

Sometimes sources are abundant and other times not. We start each day with at least 2 liters of water. We drink that and fill up as we can. Sometimes we have to carry more depending on how far the source is from a shelter or camping spot. We also like to plan ahead in case the sources listed in the guide book are not accurate. Water is heavy at 2 pounds per liter. But we can't hike without it.

It's been a nice day and with the short miles and early start we had an early finish making for a relaxing afternoon. 

Happy Hiking. 

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