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Can't Wait To Get To Daleville

Day 70

Thursday June 1, 2017

Miles: 718.7 - 728.1 - 729.6    Miles Completed 10.9

Time: 7:35am - 1:35pm / 6:45pm - 7:30pm

Weather: Partly cloudy and hot

Howard Johnson Mote

We have been eagerly waiting to get to Daleville, Virginia. The trail exits the woods on US 220 and within a very short walk there are several eateries, motel choices, an outfitter, a grocery store and several other businesses of interest to hikers. Most of all it was our destination to get to for our next schedule rest. We have not had a break in 20 days. We needed real food and lots of it. We also needed clean clothes and clean bodies. And most important rest.

Our initial plan was to hike to Daleville, eat, go to the outfitter, then hangout and wait for Batman to meet us. He'd take our gear as we easily strolled empty handed 1.5 miles across the woods to troutville where we all would camp in the town park. But that all changed. I had the bright idea of why shop, eat, hang out in the hot sun, sweaty and gross when we could get a cheap room to clean up before we did our errands while we waited. So that's what we did. We checked in at a place a few yards from the trail. You get what you pay for. We are clean though. 

After we washed away the trail we went to the outfitter then to Three Little Pigs. A wonderful little restaurant specializing in southern BBQ. I ate until I couldn't move. The real treat was a hiker only free dessert. Since it wasn't gluten free and sharon was also stuffed we took it to go. I saved mine for Batman. 

An hour before Batman's arrive he called. That was our signal to put on our hiking shoes. We did just that and headed across Route 220 with nothing but our phones and my gratitude stone I am carrying every mile and continued the 1.5 miles to Troutville. It was a lovely stroll. It's an easy by anyone's standards wide mowed path connecting the sister towns of Daleville and Troutville. Wishing that short distance we saw two deer and a bunny. Just before our exit Batman joined us as he had arrived at the north end before we did. Once at the car we all hopped in and he drove us the Cracker Barrel for our second supper. It's good to eat. 

Happy Hiking. 

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