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This Is The Way We Do Zero Days

Day 71

Miles: ZERO

Time: 6:00am

Weather: Hot and Sunny but not humid. PERFECT


Today's entry is going to be short and sweet. 

I got up early while My two sleepy head companions slept in. What can I say, I just love mornings! I did our laundry so it would be one less thing to do. 

Once We were up, feed, and pack we checked out so we could head over to Roanoke 15 minutes from the trail for our real place of rest, a Sheraton hotel. Finally a place we can relax in where we don't fear catching something. This is how we do zero days. 

This place is so nice and accommodating they let us check in at 9:30am and gave us free breakfast vouchers for their buffet. I might add that it made shortcake's 3rd breakfast this morning all before 9:45am. She had a buffet at the Howard Johnsons, then here leftover dessert in the car on the ride over here and then the free buffet at the Sheraton. For such a little gal she sure can eat. 

This is how I like to spend a zero day. 

Happy Hiking. 

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