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Another Perfect Day On The Trail

Day 75

Tuesday June 6, 2017

Miles: 765.0 - 779.5    Miles Completed 14.5

Weather: partly sunny with a slight breeze 

Tenting at Gunter Ridge Trail Jct

Another perfect day on the trail. We started the morning with golden sun rays beaming through the forest. 

We passed an alien telecommunications site at the tallest peak for the day. AKA as an FAA tower. Every time we pass a federal aviation tower we say it's the government communicating with out space. 

The trail was pleasant again today. Just the right amount to up and down and never a time when we wished a particular section was over. 

We even stumbled upon some young hikers who were so tired then just took a nap right on the trail. We haven't even done that yet. 

Long Johns and Easy

The day ended with the sweetest path. After 15 minutes of smooth hiking and peekaboo views of the lush green valley I asked Shortcake to strike me with her pole. I must have been dreaming. This couldn't have been the AT. 

(Photo to come)

We only have 5.4 miles the road in the morning then a 6 miles shuttle to town. We've already scheduled a driver to pick us up. Hot food. Can't wait. 

I hear rumblings in the distance. Time to get into the castle, my new term for our tent to get cozy. I want to dream about lunch and supper. 

Happy Hiking. 

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