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Sometimes Things Really Do Work Out For The Best

Day 74 Monday June 4, 2017 Miles: 756.3 - 765.0 Completed 8.7 Weather: raining Tenting at Cornelius Shelter Sometimes things really do work out for the best. I really wanted to take two zero days when we were at the Roanoke Sheraton but it didn't happen. I was still tired when we hiked on. I was tired also yesterday. Surprisingly today I woke up refreshed. I didn't go to bed at 6:30pm though and slept until 6:30am. So I guess I was able to get caught up some. Today we started in the rain. It was only a drizzle but as we hiked on and up in elevation it rained harder and the temperature dropped. By the time we came to the second shelter we decided to stop for a second break and we haven't left. We have dried out mostly and I have been able to rest even more. I may not have gotten my extra zero day back in Roanoke but two days of easy hiking I have been able to rest up.

Happy Hiking 

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