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The Bridges Of Life

Day 76

Wednesday June 7, 2017

Mile: 779.5 - 784.9    Completed 5.4

Weather: Cool Start, cloudy

Staying in at Stanimal Hostel in Glasgow, VA

Well I did it again. In 2015 I sent my sleeping bag home and all my cold gear way too early. I had a long spell of hot weather so I wanted to lighten my pack. This year I vowed to hold on to it much longer which I did. We have been having hot nights So Sunday I sent my sleeping bag packing with Bruce and replaced it with a small fleece Batman throw. And just like that the temps changed. And not just a little bit. They dropped to the low 50's. Thankfully I kept my down puffy, wool pjs and a sleeping bag liner. But all that still had me slightly chilly the last two nights.

Our initial plan last night was to call from the peak where we camped and scheduled a shuttle to Glasgow where we would camp in the town park. But this morning after our very short hike down the mountain our driver, Bob who showed up early as we did just by chance asked if we were going to the town hiker shelter or hostel. I said "Hostel? There's a hostel? How much and is it close to food?"  All his answerset our likes so we decided to stay at Stanimals Hostel. Bob and his wife are the caretakers. Such nice people.

Shortcake and I are not particularly fond of hostels so we were a little reserved at first but one quick look around and we were hooked. It's an older two bedroom home with four cute bunks in each bedroom. Free laundry and local shuttles. And most importantly it's really clean and Bob and Donna are so sweet. She even folded our laundry.

Our short little hike brought us across the James River foot bridge made just for the Appalachian Trail. It's 1000 feet long making it the longest foot bridge on the trail.  

The other bridges we cross are smaller. 

But whatever shape or size they serve the purpose of helping is cross from one side to the other. 

Happy Hiking

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