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Serendipity Meeting Is Like Trail Magic

Day 79

Saturday June 10, 2017

Miles: 813.0 - 828.0    Completed 15

Time: 7:42am - 5:55pm

Tenting at 4,000 feet

I have been feeling strong. It is so Much easier to enjoy this hike when the body is working well. Honestly I don't know why. I don't sleep well at night and we certainly don't eat appropriately for the amount of fitness that we do. But despite all that I have been strong.

Spy Rock was a pretty cool site. I skipped it in 2015 because that particular day I was not feeling strong and did not want to climb anything that was not on the white blaze trail. But today we dropped our packs and blue blazed out to the behemoth outcropping. 

Batman met us on the trail. We had already done our visit to the rock and he met us just shy of it. We told him he had to go see it since he was so close. We continued north while he hiked out to the attraction. 

When he caught back up we all continued. It was hot and we were all in need of a break so we sat along the trail and sipped our warm waters. As we did so a hiker came along and stopped. He took one look at me and said, "I know you..." I thought it was the usual recognition from seeing me in the Walking Home YouTube video. But he said "No, we met in 2015. I was low on food and you gave most of your food." I was astounded. It was a serendipity meeting. What were the chances we would meet again. 

Pete From Germany

It was like trail magic. Things like this happen often on the trail. It's one reason that draws so many people. 

Happy Hiking

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