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My Logistics Are Not Working Out Too Well

Day 86

Saturday June 16, 2017

Miles: 906.1 - 915.7   Completed 9.6

Time: 3:32 - 7:45pm

Weather: Cloudy, hot, then cooling 

Sleeping at a CourtYard Hotel in Harrisonburg, VA

It was a very productive morning at the hotel. Since we were kicked out of our parking lot tenting spaces last night we had one choice and that was to seek shelter at a hotel. The little motels were closed up tight with no late hour service so we had to drive to the larger city of Harrisonburg, VA Home of James Madison University.

We were able to get lots of things done. The normal hiker chores such as laundry, drying wet gear, food resupply, and a trip to the clinic to get checked out. Oh yeah, can't forget a visit to Krispy Kreme donut shop. Batman and Shortcake loved that. I stayed and did chores since I can't eat that stuff. My treat was lunch at Chili's. No menu needed for this girl. Fajitas are my favorite and they make the best ones. 

Even though our plans to stay close to the trail didn't happen last night it was for the best. We had things we didn't realize needed to be done and they wouldn't have gotten done if we were not kicked out.

Since we got a late start today we decided a short 9 mile hike would be perfect and ending at a campground. But when we arrived it was full and it was close to dark so we couldn't hike on to stealth. My logistics are not working out to well lately. Partly because we have the convenience of Batman bringing us our food and there are only so many places the trail crosses roads. So back to Harrisonburg we went. I don't like being so far from the trail unless I get to take a zero day. It's way too much driving, and checking in and out. But at least its dry and warm. 

Our quick hike was easy and sight full. We saw a baby fawn go racing through the woods. We thought he was going to run is over. We saw a ring neck snake, 

a tiny salamander,

and two other deer who could have cared less that we were there. It was a doe and a young buck whose antlers were growing and in full velvet. 

I really don't like it when my plans don't come to fruition. It's very frustrating for me. I have to work extremely hard not to get upset. But what would that do anyways? Nothing and probably only make the situation worse. I am sure yesterday and today won't be the only times my planning fails. The best I can do is to chill out and not sweat the small stuff. So it took an extra hour. Big deal. I could be setting my tent up in the rain instead. 

Happy Hiking. 

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