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A Brain Should Be Used For Good Things Not Paranoia

Miles: 925.0 - 938.8 Completed: 13.8 Time: 6:53am - 6:00pm Weather: Cloudy, hot and T-storms

The wind blew something fierce last night. It was hard to stay asleep. I thought I was going to end up somewhere in Kansas. When morning came and I had packed up what I could while still inside my tent I was ready to emerge. I unzipped screen and was a little confused. My water bottle was missing and also my poles. Every night I place my hiking sticks parallel to the tent on the ground and place my water bottle on top of them so it won't roll away. I found it hard to believe an animal or someone else could have taken them without me hearing. But I assumed that's what happened. I then reached further out to unzip my vestibule. I flipped the nylon fly back and I was completely confused of the view I saw. It wasn't the one I saw when I went to bed. Then it made sense, my brain put two and two together, the missing poles, bottle and strange view. I must still be sleeping. I then shook my head to wake up. Nope. I was awake. I looked back outside and this time Paranoia set in. I had no idea where I was! All I knew it wasn't the same place I went to bed. Maybe I had been blown to Kansas with Dorothy. What seemed like eternity as froze then my smart brain kicked in and reminded the panicky brain that she has two openings on her tent, a left side and a right side. I had gotten turned around in the tent without realizing it. I swear some days I should be on medication. A brain should be used for good things and not paranoia. It's amazing how our thinking can lead us a stray. It happens so often to me. Usually it isn't as bad as this morning. More like jumping to conclusions or thinking the worst. It's a character flaw I am always working on. My kids say I need more work. After my episode with a frozen brain the rest of the day went well for awhile. We were having a great hike then we heard the thunder and saw the rain coming across the valley towards us on the ridge. I suggested we set up our tents at the next possible spot. That was a pipe dream. There haven't been too many random tenting spots in the Shenandoah's. But with our luck, 20 paces after I said that we crested a plateau and there were two beautiful sites. We threw up our castles just as the rain began. It was only 1:30pm. We were dry and happy to wait it out. The storm was quite intense. I was hoping to capture an afternoon nap but with the ruckus of booms and clashing overhead I assumed the safety pose, balanced on the balls of my feet crouched down. I went between that position and sitting on my boots rubber soles down with my feet in my Crocs. Hoping they were made of rubber. So much for rest. I checked the weather and rain was anticipated for a few more hours even though it had stopped. I asked Shortcake if she wanted to call it a day and just get up early and hike extra tomorrow. I think the words get up early scared her and she voted to pack up and hike on. That's what we did and 20 yards later the heavens opened for round two. So much for staying dry. Happy Hiking.  

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