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Guess What Today Was

Day 90

Wednesday June 21, 2017

Miles: 956.3 - 974.9    Completed: 18.6

Weather: Hot and Sunny 

Tenting at Jim and Molly Shelter

Yesterday I let the pics do the talking on my blog. But today you only get one photo. After this post I am sure my G rating will definitely drop to pg-13. 

It's tradition on the trail to bare all on the summer solstice. So hikers have from midnight to midnight to partake in this liberating activity. Most hikers do not choose to. Only the crazy ones. So you know what I did. Yup, Black Bear went bare!

Weeks ago when discussing this activity with other hikers Shortcake expressed her choice of definitely not joining in on this day. When we woke up this morning we packed up as usual and Shortcake said to me, "You know what today is?" I had forgotten and was glad she rieminded me.

We hiked out after a few of the men had already left. Good thing. About a mile or so we came to a beautiful overlook. I said to Shortcake, "Okay, here goes."  I stripped down to nothing but my boots, socks and knee pads. Monkey see monkey do and Shortcake soon ate her words. She joined in the fun. She wasn't quite as committed. She could only manage to let the girls out.

I have to admit it felt so good! I stood on the cliff and gave a big hoot as the breeze caressed my skin and Shortcake snapped a few tasteful pictures. 

To keep it pg-13 I will only post the half nak d version. 

Time to put on our packs and head out. I stratigically placed my bandanas to hide the down town district and the moon shot as well as the girls. But after a few hundred yards the girls were liberated as well. We were only going to go a few yards but we soon realized it felt really good. Oh, no! What have we unleashed from inside us. We changed our few yards to hiking until the first person sees us. Well, that came too soon and we weren't done having fun yet. Next a couple young guys in their mid 20's approached from south bound. We saw them before they saw us and we started laughing so hard we could barely walk. The first guy politely tried to keep his eyes down. But the smile on his face showed he had great peripheral vision. The second guy didn't hide the fact he was looking and said "Oh, naked Hiking Day". Shortcake and I stumbled our way passed them. One time I thought I was going to fall into them. Good thing I didn't cuz they probably wouldn't have known where to grab.

We continued in the buff for almost two hours. Honestly I didn't want to get dressed but we did. We decided to spare humanity of any more indecency. We hadn't had our clothes back on 2 miles when a park ranger met us hiking south bound. She had a grumpy look on her face. We didn't think she would have appreciated our carefree exhibition. Timing is everything. 

Happy Hiking. 

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