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Hikers Are Just Some Of The Traffic On The Trail

Miles: 938.8 - 956.3 Completed: 17.5 Time: 6:42am - 5:45pm Weather: Sunny, warm and breezy I left this morning before Shortcake. I didn't sleep well so I was awake early. Since my clothes were still wet and the air was cold I too was chilly. I packed up quickly and headed out to keep warm. I went slow and stopped at all the view spots. She caught up to me quickly. I was warm and almost dry from the morning breeze. It wasn't long before my rain wet clothes were replaced with sweat. The trail was very busy today but not with people. Hikers are just some of the traffic on the trail. I'll let the following pictures show you who else is out here with us as we hike the Appalachian Trail.



Black Snake



Bobcat or Mountain Lion




Happy Hiking.  

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