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Today Was Not A Fun Day

Day 92

Friday June 23, 2017

Miles: 993.3 - 1003.2  completed: 9.9

Time: 6:58am - 2:30pm

Weather: Miserably hot and humid

Just when we thought it couldn't get any more humid. The weather said it was 73 degrees but feels like 83. They didn't ask me what it felt like. Who decides that anyways. Someone sitting in an air conditioned dark room punching away the keyboard for an appropriate algorithm? They'd be more accurate if they stuck their head out the window. 

Today was not a fun day. Even though we crossed the 1000 mile mark we labored every step to get there. 

If the heat wasn't bad enough we entered a section of the trail that proudly boasts being called the roller coaster. 

The guide books says it's a section with sharp ascents and descents compressed together over 14 miles. We were only going about 9 miles of it. The rest will have to wait until after we are rested. The sign and guide book make is sound scary and hairier then it actually is. It would have been fun but not as you are melting with every climb.

Through our misery I realized all of my pictures so ussmiling and having a great time. Partly because we are. Even when it's bad it's fun but even I struggled to stay positive. I did manage to snap one selfie but it still doesn't show that I am dropping wet with sweat, about to pass out and tired from a week of grueling temperatures and long miles. 

But we made it. We are resting at the Bears Den Hostel waiting for Batman to come rescue us. We are dry and clean, airing gear and relaxing. We feel like new women. From here we will go to a hotel for a couple days of rest. 

Happy Hiking. 

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