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Harper's Ferry, We Have Arrived

Day 96 Tuesday June 27, 2017 Miles: 1017.4 - 1030.0 completed: 12.6 Time: 8:11am - 7:05pm Weather: Perfectly sunny and breezy Tenting at Ed Garvey Shelter We didn't cover many miles today but we sure had fun! We reached Harper's Ferry, West Virginia which is the unofficial half way mark and home to the Appalachian Trail Headquarters. Here we had our photo taken and received our numbers. At Springer Mountain we were numbers 1065 and 1066. We are now numbers 1173 and 1174.  

We had another hiker reunion. In 2015 when I arrived at the AT conservancy a wonderful ridge runner, James Fetig was working. I met him my first day on the trail and he was full of great and useful advice. A lot of people have free tips and tricks to share and most of it isn't worth the breathe used. But not what James had to share. I used his advice then and am still using it today as well as sharing it with others. It was a treat to see him behind the desk then and even a greater honor for him to drive back this year to to Shortcake, Batman, and myself. Silly me though forgot to grab a photo. 

On the walk into the historic town wild raspberries were growing abundantly. I filled my little snack cup and carried them for over a mile. After lunch and photos we headed to the outfitter for repair tape to fit my tent. It has its first hole. With raspberries in hand we headed to the ice cream shop. I ordered a huge vanilla ice cream and mixed my berries. 

It was fabulous. 

Happy Hiking. 

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