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Lots of History Here In Maryland

Day 98

Thursday June 29, 2017

Miles: 1043.1 - 1057.9  completed: 14.8

Time: 6:45am - 3:30pm

Weather: Hot and Sunny

Tenting at Dalgren Backpackers Campground

We played it smart today. We strategically mapped out our miles to end at another road so We could return back to Dalgren Campground for a second night. It's a cute and cozy little place for dozens of tents complete with a bath/shower house and spigot. Nothing else is needed for us hikers. We even left our tents up so we'd have one less thing to do after our hike.

When you live with very little you learn to be creative and thrifty. A skill I find to be quite fun at times. It is amazing how I have learned that more isn't always better. In fact it can be the opposite. The more we tend to have the more work and responsibilities go along with that.

In the last few days we have crossed two state lines and tomorrow will make the third. We went from Virginia to West Virginia and WV to Maryland. In 6.5 miles we will enter Pennsylvania. It's starting to fly by. Once we reach the official half way mark things will really be cruising. We'll be home before we know it. 

Before that though we get to enjoy more sights. And Maryland with its few miles has shown us some rich history. Today we saw the first Washington Monument. I love history and it's so much more interesting when you can go and see it rather than just read about it. 

Happy Hiking. 

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