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Celebrating Our Centennial On The Trail

Day 100

Saturday July 1, 2017

Miles: 1072.9 - 1082.9   Completed: 10

Weather: HOT & HUMID

Tenting at Caledonia State Park

No we are not 100 years old even though after some days of hiking we feel like we are. We celebrated 100 days on the trail. Wow! It's hard to fathom we have been out here this long. We decided to treat ourselves to a short 10 mile day and enjoy time at the campground.

Thank goodness we did have a light day. Our neighbors last night didn't seem to care that there were others right next door. They obviously did not have a mom that taught them to be respectful in public. Then they in turn were not teaching their children. Midnight rolled around and they were still carrying on. Our alarms were set for 5am so we could rock out our ten miles before the heat and afternoon thunderstorms rolled in. It may have been a low mileage day but it was still grueling. 

Back at the campground we waited for one of our trail friends to arrive. We invited her to camp with us if she so desired. 

We spent the afternoon relaxing, drying off after a thirty minute thunderstorm drenching and best of all an hour at the pool. 

This is the way to hike the AT. Hike then get the heck out of the woods and go swimming in a place without snakes.  It was funny after our dip in the pool. We were walking back to our camp site and Shortcake said how fresh and clean she felt. We all laughed because fresh and clean are not words to discribe a public pool. In fact they are more of an oxymoron. But out here on the trail everything is relative. 

Happy Hiking. 

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