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There's Nothing A Hiker Likes Better Than An AYCE

Miles: 1121.6 - 1138.1 Completed 16.5

Time: 8:48am 5:25pm

Weather: Hot at times. cloudy

Hotel in Mechanicsburg, PA Holiday Inn Express

The miles are flying by lately. We have enjoyed some great weather, hot and humid at times but still great, The terrain has been gentle and kind, and we have been carrying almost empty packs while Batman has been on vacation. I don't know what we are going to do when he goes back to work next week. We might actually have to act like real backpackers again. For now we are squeezing every  ounce of glamping we can while we are blessed with his presence.

I was in heaven tonight. After we put in our miles and checked into our room we headed to a local restaurant recommended by the hotel clerk. The Center Street Grill liv d up to its reputation. You know it's a good place when the parking lot is full. As  we approached the entrance a sign advertised the special of the day. 

There's nothing a hiker likes better than an AYCE (all you can eat). Combine that with king crab legs and you have one very happy Black Bear. 

They were phenomenal! I had a plate and a half of those crustaceans. If I ate any more I would have exploded.

As good as the meal was it paled in comparison to our server, Candy. She was the warmest and kindest person. I wish I could bring her home with us. Thanks Candy!!! 

We did hike today. But my meal experienced was so much better than what was on the trail. The hike was great. It's just that the meal was outstanding. 

Happy Hiking. 

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